• ⭐️:100% Water Soluble

SEAWEED NEMATODE KILLER FUNCTIONAL LIQUID                                                                         



Tech Property



 外观          Appearance

 Dark Brown Liquid


 气味          Odor

 Fishy Smell

 Fishy Smell

 水溶性        Solubility in water



 壳寡糖        Chitosan Oligosaccharide

 30g/L min


 总氮含量      Total Nitrogen (N)

 50g/L min


 有机质        Organic Matter

 120g/L min


 杀线虫剂      Nematode Killing Agent

 10mg/L min


 铅含量        Pb

 0.1mg/L max


 铬含量        Cr

 0.1mg/L max


 酸碱度        pH



Application Crops                                                               

Field crops, greenhouse economic crops, fruit trees, Flowers

Tea leaves and ornamental crops

Application Recommendation                                                                    

Drip irrigation: Dilute it 1:200-300 and use 15030L/Ha in seeding stage; 30-45L/Ha in fast growing stage; 15-45L/Ha in fruiting stage. 

Foliar Spray: Diluted by 1:300 times, spray on the leaves.

NOTE:                                                                                  线虫.gif

1. Stir / shake it well before use.

2. Don’t use it together with alkaline products.

3. Suggest apply in the morning or evening to get better effect.

4. Don’t spray when it rains of it is too hot outside. It is better to spray after 4:00 pm. After spraying , if meeting with rain, please respray it.

Above application recommendations are under general conditions, your consultation to local agronomists are strong recommended.

Product Feathers                                                              

⭐️Prevent the nematodes activities and effects on roots, produce the resistance factor for bacteria, virus, fungus and nematodes.

⭐️Improve the absorption for all kinds of nutrients, increase the output by 20%-50%, promote the fruit grade and inner quality.

⭐️Take roots rapidly, accelerate root growth, solve the question of weak growth and malnutrition effectively.


Ø  Please store at cool and dry place, without exposing at strong sunshine and extra humid place.

Ø  It is forbidden to transport and store together with foodstaff, seeds and other fertilizers.

Ø  Avoid touching with children and livestock.

Package Style                                                                   

200ML, 500ML, 1L, 5L, 10L, 20L, IBC TANK

1L x 12Bottles / Case ; 5L x 4Bottles/ Case

Shelf Life                                                                         

2-3 years


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