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SEAWEED CHITOSAN FUNGICIDE FUNCTIONAL LIQUID                                                                         


Tech Property

 Specification A

 Specification B

 外观          Appearance

 Dark Brown Liquid

 Dark Brown Liquid

 海藻精        Seaweed Extract

 100g/L min


 壳寡糖        Chitosan Oligosaccharide

 20g/L min

 30g/L min

 总氮含量      Total Nitrogen (N)


 20g/L min

 有机质        Organic Matter

 100g/L min

 40g/L min

 钾含量        Potassium K2O


 20g/L min

 氨基酸        Amino Acid

 10g/L min


 密度          Specific Gravity



 赤霉酸        Gibberellins



Application Crops 

Field crops, greenhouse economic crops, fruit trees, Flowers

Tea leaves and ornamental crops

Application Recommendation                                                                    

Foliar Spray: Diluted by 1:800-1000 times, spray on the leaves, apply 3-4 times at intervals of 7-15 days during growing period.

Root Irrigation: Diluted by 1:600-800. Irrigate root 1~2 times in growing period.


1. Stir / shake it well before use.

2. Both fertilizer and pesticide efficiency could be increased if apply with weak acidic or weak alkaline pesticide;

3. Suggest apply in the morning or evening to get better effect.

4. Don’t spray when it rains of it is too hot outside. It is better to spray after 4:00 pm. After spraying , if meeting with rain, please respray it.

Product Feathers 

⭐️Promote plant ability of anti-disease and anti-water-logging: enhance resistance to fungi, bacteria and virus, promote growth of plant root system especially the growth of root tips; promote plant ability of water-logging resistance. Application with pesticide can significantly enhance the effect of pesticide.

⭐️Promote plant ability of antifreeze and drought resistance: activate stress resistance gene, accelerate plant photosynthesis and metabolism, and improve plant immunity.

⭐️Accelerate the transportation and accumulation of nutrient, improve quality and increase yield.


Ø  Please store at cool and dry place, without exposing at strong sunshine and extra humid place.

Ø  It is forbidden to transport and store together with foodstaff, seeds and other fertilizers.

Ø  Avoid touching with children and livestock.

Package Style 毛毛虫.gif

200ML, 500ML, 1L, 5L, 10L, 20L, IBC TANK

1L x 12Bottles / Case ; 5L x 4Bottles/ Case

Shelf Life 

2-3 years


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