EDTA MicroMix

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EDTA is a chelate which protects nutrients against precipitation in a moderate pH-range (pH 4 - 6.5). Mainly used for nourishing        plants in fertigation systems, and as an ingredient for NPKs. EDTA chelates will not injure leaf tissue, contrarily it is ideal for foliar  spraying to nourish the plant. EDTA chelates are produced using a unique patented micro-granulation process. This method guarantees  a microgranule that is free flowing, dust-free and caking-free, and easily soluble.

 Tech Property



 Pure Light Green Powder

 Fe Chelated EDTA


 Cu Chelated EDTA


 Mn Chelated EDTA


 Zn Chelated EDTA






 Mo Content


 Co Content


 pH (1% w/v sol.)

 6.0 ± 1.5

 Water Insoluble

 No more than 0.01%

Product Description 


Bean crops can fix nitrogen,plant short and small,easy infect disease,

fruit & melon with black heart, Cereal with low fructification rate,can not form seed.


Yellow leaf,loss green,new leaf scorch.


Fruit trees(Little Leaf),Corn(Albinism),Tea(Fascicle bud),Grape

(Different shape,mummy,no taste)


Loss green,weak photosynthesis.


Crops grow slowly,easy infected by vermin,Bean with low output,

Cotton desquamated. Wheat ripe late,grain not filled.


Old leaf become yellow,photosynthesis weaken, fruit crack,bad color.


Roots death,Tea bud blight disease,rape,apple,will no fruit,

Peach,orange fruit deformity,no sugar.



As Micronutrient Fertilizer:

To prevent and correct micro elements deficiency in most agricultural, horticultural and ornamental crops. Recommended for soil and foliar application.

Use 3 grams (g) of Micronutrient Mix for vegetables per 100 L unless the product is being used to correct a deficiency (see below).

For injector systems, this concentration can be maintained by using 6 g / L of concentrate for a 1:200 injector ratio or 3 g / L of concentrate for a 1:100 injector ratio.

For use on Agricultural and Soil Grown Greenhouse Crops as a Supplement: Apply through irrigation system when soil tests show low levels of micronutrients.

For use on Greenhouse Crops Grown on Artificial or Soilless Media: Use in the nutrient solution in conjunction with sources of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. 

TO CORRECT DEFICIENCIES: Foliar Sprays: Apply 35 g / 100 L of water, covering leaf surface lightly. Make one or two applications as necessary. Soil Applications: Always apply micronutrients to moist soil. Use 120 g / 100 m² in 450 L of water. For all Crops: One or two additional applications can be made if foliar and / or soil analysis test results indicate a deficiency of micronutrients.

CAUTION: This fertilizer contains iron, copper, zinc, boron and molybdenum and should be used only as recommended. It may prove harmful when misused. Since weather, crop, soil and other conditions may vary, the manufacturer and / or seller make no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, concerning the use of this product. The user assumes all risks of use or handling whether or not in accordance with directions or suggestions.

NOTE: This product should be used on the base of a soil and / or tissue analysis.


Product Features


Increases micro flora up to 2000 times in 15 days and Increases total cationic exchange 

Makes aggregates in soil produce better oxygenated penetration 

The nutrients will remain in solution thanks to its sequestering and colloidal properties.


Stimulates the whole plant grow 

Accelerates the production of nucleic acids 

Enhances photosynthesis and respiration 

Improves the absorption and mobility of nutrients


Ø Please store at cool and dry place, without exposing at strong sunshine and extra humid place.

Ø It is forbidden to transport and store together with foodstaff, seeds and other fertilizers.

Ø Avoid touching with children and livestock.

Package Style 

20/25kg bag with liner inner or customer required package size

PP/PE/KRAFT PAPER BAGS are available

20MT/20FCL (without pallets)  


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