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Specification for Period 1

Specification for period 2

 外观          Appearance

 Brown Black Liquid


 氨基酸        Amino Acid



 黄腐酸        Fulvic Acid



 氮含量        Nitrogen (N)



 磷含量        Phosphate (P2O5)



 钾含量        Potassium (K2O)



 钙含量        Calcium (Ca)



 硼含量        BoronB



 锌含量        ZincZ



 镁含量        MagnesiumMg



 锰含量        ManganeseMn



 申嗪霉素      Shenqinmycin



 酸碱度        PH



Application Crops              

Field crops, greenhouse economic crops, fruit trees,

Tea leaves and ornamental crops.

Product Features 

u    Effective in stable production of high quality crops and promotion of absorption ability of nutrients and moisture by enhancing function of roots.

Effective in promoting rootage, developing new roots, preventing transplating shock, recovery vitality, promoting growth, increasing effective microorganism and etc at the time of before & after planting.

Promote growth of plant root system, enhance root resistance to bacteria and disease; fertilize the soil and inhibit harmful bacteria; increase seed germination rate;reduce pesticide residue.

As it contains an excellent fulvic acid abundantly, it is effective for a farm seeding raising, the prevention and recovery of stress, the recovery of crop damage.

As it contains various microelements abundantly, it has the excellent improvements effects also for a basic physiological disorder of crop.

It is effective in quality improvement, recovering vitality and also recovering damages from browning of roots due to rainy seasons, flooding damage or damage of repeated cultivation.

It contains SHENQINMYCIN which can protect the fungus of watermelon.


nn The Use of Shenqinmycin in watermelonnn

Fusarium Wilt (Watermelon)

Fusarium disease commonly known as "dead seedling disease" in China. In early onset, diseased vine leaf on a gradual wilting from the base forward, more obvious in noon, can still return to normal for the first and second day, but the wilting no longer recover and slowly withered after a few days later.

Symptoms: starts out looking like vein clearing on the younger leaves and drooping of the older lower leaves, followed by stunting of the plant, yellowing of the lower leaves, defoliation, marginal necrosis and death of the plant.

Symptoms: On older plants, symptoms are more distinct between the blossoming and fruit maturation stages.

The conditions of pathogenesis of disease

High temperature, high humidity is one of the reasons for the occurrence of disease. At 24-32℃ and high humidity conditions will increase the chance of infection; Consecutive cloudy days or more, a large rainfall and heavy clay soils, low-lying, poor drainage, extensive poor management lot had disease occurred before..

Poor ratio of fertilizer is another major cause of the disease. Insufficient good organic fertilizer with excessive nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium deficiency, use no decomposition, soil pests can cause serious harm and occurs Fusarium disease.


Fusarium Wilt (Watermelon)


Plant disease

Use Period

Using Method



Fusarium Wilt

Prevention, early onset

1% Shenqinmycin Shen

1,    Seedbed treatment; improve seedling resistance and tolerance to disease

2,    Transplanting, irrigating and reduce bacteria disseminated;

3,    Irrigating during blossom, create a safe, healthy soil environment.

4,    Use Shenqinmycin 1% for prevention and control.

Usage & Dosage 

Drip irrigation: Apply after diluted by 1:500-800,75kg/hectare/time, irrigate root one time, 3-4 days before transplanting and dip root while transplanting.

Foliar Spray: Diluted by 1:800-1000 times, apply 3-4 times at intervals of 7-10 days during growing period.

At the growing seeding period: please use specification 1

At the growth period: please use specification 2


1. Stir / shake it well before use.

2. Both fertilizer and pesticides efficiency could be increased if apply with weak  acidic or weak alkaline pesticide.

3. Suggest apply in the morning or evening to get better effect.

4. Re-spray if it rains within 6 hours after spraying.

Package Style 

200ML, 500ML, 1L, 5L, 10L, 20L, IBC TANK



Store in a cool and dry place,keep away from direct light.

Shelf Life 




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